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Search Engine Optimization

Corporate Marketing Team is a boutique provider of cost-effective search engine optimization services, specializing in high impact written content and creative targeted advertising campaigns. As part of our unique process for delivering highly qualified organic search traffic, we offer businesses the most comprehensive solution for relevant, topic-specific articles written by our team of specialists. Allowing our clients to capture their precise audience at the very time when they’re most likely to take action.

Targeted Search Engine Optimization Solutions

Unlike SEO companies that use tricks and gimmicks in an attempt to generate search engine traffic, we just focus on developing and maintaining the highest quality of content possible and integrating the content into your website with proper search engine optimization techniques. This content will rank naturally high in the search engines based on its own merit.

We believe that the goal of any legitimate search marketing firm should be to benefit all parties involved as follows:

  • Search Engine Users – by providing useful and relevant written marketing content which helps people searching the Internet find what they are searching for
  • Search Engines – by contributing high quality helpful written content for their users
  • Businesses – By delivering highly targeted leads to their website

We adhere strictly to the rules and regulations that Google has asked the public to adhere to when it comes to creating and optimizing websites. Acomprehensive list of these guidelines can be found here: Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Front Page Search Engine Ranking on Bing, Google, and Yahoo

To get your business to rank locally a website will need anywhere from 50 to 100 pages of content – to rank nationally a website will need anywhere from 100 to 300 pages of content. Give us 48 hours and we will analyze your website and provide you with a written quote.

Our clients are our references, written content traffic typically converts two to three times higher than other sources. 100’s of satisfied customers can’t be wrong! To get started today, please call 727-401-4266 or complete our Sales Inquiry form.