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How Search Targeted Content Works:

Tired of endless PPC Payments? You’ve probably heard that content is one of the most important factors in achieving optimized search engine rankings. Here’s why:

Free Search Engine Traffic

The bottom line: fresh, relevant, quality content attracts free search engine traffic. Search engines strive to provide users with relevant content. The way visitors usually find your site is through a search engine. Search engine traffic that you garner via your own site content is free! Once you’ve achieved a higher ranking in organic search results, you are less subject to spiraling marketing costs and ever increasing bids on PPC campaigns! Trade-in the decreasing ROI from your paid search campaigns for increased ROI from your own site content.

Higher Conversion Rates

Studies show that quality text and video content builds trust with visitors and keeps them coming back again and again. This kind of user loyalty translates to more sales and more repeat customers. In a crowded online marketplace, you have to ask yourself some key questions: Do you provide your visitors with enough information to make an informed buying decision? Is your site a leading resource for your industry? Which site would you trust more – one with just a few pages and an order form or one with many pages filled with fresh, relevant information to help you be better informed? The mark of a trusted site is content.

Incremental Ad Revenue

Whether you are a publisher or an e-Business: more traffic to your site and more content pages mean more page views and advertising real estate. Publishers already have advertising at the center of revenues. e-Business’s are getting smart too: not only will your content attract more visitors and create more sales, but it also can generate additional revenue in the form of online display and text advertising. Investing in quality content maximizes the revenue potential of your site.

We are the Best Internet Content Provider. Period.

Why go anywhere else? We can help you attract and retain customers through the power of search engine optimized (SEO) online content. We have the expertise and experience to help every company with a web presence obtain higher organic search rankings, traffic, and in turn, better conversion rates. Content is one of the most important factors in achieving optimized search engine rankings. Relevant, targeted content drives clicks, and clicks drive conversions to sales.