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Written Content Solutions

Written Marketing Content:

A website cannot survive without distinguished marketing content; it’s just that simple. All marketing content should aim to achieve two goals:

  1. Improve your website’s organic listing.
  2. Convert visitors to buyers.

Your marketing content has to be search engine optimized in order to improve the site’s organic listing. Your pages may use lovely language but if they aren’t calibrated to rank well in the search engines, no one will be reading them. At Corporate Marketing Team, Inc., we employ our vast knowledge of search engine semantics to ensure that your pages are in line with search engine requirements.

With the proper content, your website will begin to climb the organic listings, and traffic to your site will increase. Search engines value current, concrete information; as you add more high-quality pages to your website, you will see your rankings improve and traffic continue to increase. Thanks to the free traffic received from a solid organic ranking, you can then reduce your paid advertising expenses. Many of our clients have significantly reduced their PPC budgets, with some eliminating them altogether.

Once you have increased traffic to your website, solid marketing content should achieve the second goal—converting those visitors into buyers. We focus on your customer-base, to ensure that the content we create increases the time an average visitor spends on your site. We provide your audience with relevant, high-quality information so they want to stay, thereby increasing the chances of sales.

Written Editorial Content:

Editorial content is the backbone of your website. While marketing copy will entice visitors to your site, you need quality structure to present a strong face to your customers. Editorial content includes your website’s Homepage and About Us page, as well as any Category, Offer, and Product pages that fit in with your business. These pages should encapsulate your business’s vision, and our professional team can ensure they are also optimized for the engines.